Star Unique

Product Debitter Bacopa extract 10% and 20% (Bacopa monnieri)
Active component Total Aglycones by HPLC
Uses Memory support
Applications It can be used in Chocolates, Biscuits and Confectionary
Product Debitter Green tea extract Polyphenols 40% & 15% EGCG
Active component EGCG by HPLC
Uses Antioxidant
Applications It can be used in Dairy products
Product Sesamin complex Solvent free 70% (Sesamum indicum)
Active component Sesamin and Sesamolin by HPLC
Uses Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Applications Can be used in functional foods, Dietary foods, nutritional foods and confectionary.
Product Water soluble Forskolin 10% (Coleus forskholii)
Active component Forskolin by HPLC
Uses Skin conditioning, Anti-aging , Anti-glacoma and Anti-asthmatic
Applications It can be used in Cosmeceuticals
Product Water dispersible Turmeric Extract 5% (Curcuma longa)
Active component Curcuminoids by HPLC
Uses Anti-oxidant and anti-cancer
Applications It can be used in Health drinks