The star hi herbs pvt ltd having largest contract cultivation and production capabilities to cater to the growing global market requirements, manufactured in multi-location production facilities located at – Unit 1- Bangalore and Unit II- Hassan.backed up by world class R & D facilities quality control with qualified professionals authenticated by all required certifications.

Star Hi Herbs Pvt Ltd

facilities has two isolated plants having a total extraction capacity of over 6000 tons per year, the manufacturing process at Star Hi Herbs Pvt Ltd. is as per cGMP guidelines. We use many modern techniques during extraction like pressure extraction, counter current extraction, continuous solvent extraction etc. The extracts are enriched with the assistance of state-of-the-art equipments like vacuum-Rising film evaporator, agitated thin film concentrator and high vacuum-Reactor unit. These equipments ensure that the molecules of the herbs are intact and not decomposed Star Hi Herbs Pvt Ltd. is exclusively dedicated to manufacture standardized herbal extracts, neutraceuticals and cosmoceutical products with stringent cGMP guidelines for plant operations, quality and safety.

Bangalore Unit

Hassan Unit